Our story began in March of 2014, when Cat Around Films came together with the idea of there being a tremendous need for quality content. It is our belief that the play button is your most important tool for conveying key messaging to your community. We work with both growing and established brands to tell their stories through cinematic campaigns, education, training, and events. Our creative film production and content strategies are often used as part of sales and lead-generating initiatives that bring results, no matter how niche or precise the objective may be.

Mike Reinharz

Mike co-founded Cat Around Films following years of investing his time and vision in the Montreal community. His roots span from the music community, which has seen him film and interview hundreds of international artists, to the not-for-profit sector, where he worked in schools to develop mentoring programs for special needs youth. Mike is Cat Around Films’ creative director and principal content strategist, which positions him to help brands and community groups craft the most progressive messaging possible for growth and awareness-raising.

Justin Efraim

Justin is a founding member of Cat Around Films.  Prior to starting Cat Around he spent most of his career doing business development in the IT industry.  When building businesses, Justin recognized the importance of using content as a communication and growth tool.  Justin brings extensive operational, sales, marketing, financial, strategic and technological knowledge to Cat Around Films.  Justin likes to be involved in every aspect of Cat Around’s day-to-day activities as well as work on bigger picture projects to take the company to the next level.

Mike Reider

Mike is well known in the Montreal community having more than 8 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands and charities. He is regarded as a trusted post-producer to some of the most reputable filmmakers in the industry and has worked on a number of high profile television projects as well. Mike is a proud Concordia University Communications grad.

Luc Hebert

Luc is a young journeyman whose creative path landed him at Cat Around Films this year. A friend of the company's for a number of years, his passion for photography, cinematography, and offering only the highest quality visual experiences have made him a force to behold in our world. He has lived in Los Angeles prior to moving to Montreal. His creative inspirations include Quentin Tarantino and Wes Anderson. His hobbies include playing piano and getting lit.

Arnauld Sepulchre

Arnauld has been passionate about video editing since first working on Windows Movie Maker in middle school. His first project was shooting a stop-motion comedy sketch with a few friends, after which he insisted on tackling the edit himself, which led him to morph it into a video project instead. Following his graduation from Trebas Institute in the Film and Television Program, he continued his career path with a full-time position at Cat Around Films. His most determined goal in life is to become one of the best editors in town, and makes people smile and laugh with his growing editing abilities.