We manage all aspects of planning and creative direction that occur prior to filming. The pre-production process is a collaborative effort between Cat Around Films and our clients. We are comfortable with assuming full creative control, or working with our clients and their teams, to create effective content that conveys the message that our clients intend to communicate. In the pre-production process, our goal is to determine what type of content will get our clients the results they expect.

Administration & Permits

What many consider to be the underbelly of the production process is the need for administration and permits. Depending where we film, it may be necessary to obtain a permit. Knowing where and how to obtain those permits is something we specialize in.

Location scouting

We know the importance of selecting the right location for the production of your content. Location scouting is a vital process in the pre-production stage. We always seek out spectacular and interesting locations beforehand to present our clients with a range of viable options. We also have a database of available locations to draw from.

Market Research

Our core team takes market positioning to heart for all our productions. Understanding the market ensures the content we produce is current and performs optimally in front of its intended audience.


Today’s content consumer is far more demanding than ever. We are accustomed to seeing beautiful imagery. What sets good content apart from the pack is a powerful story. We would love to deliver your brand’s message through creative storytelling.

Writing & Scripting

Our team of experienced scriptwriters is equipped to work with our clients to outline and prepare the most accurate and effective messaging possible. Good writing & scripting is the foundation of any powerful story.


We love finding the right people to represent your brand. Whether it is an internal representative or hired talent, the objective is always to make the content as effective as possible. Using the right personalities can and will make this happen.

Art Direction

The importance of art direction is to determine how to best represent a concept visually. This will develop an overall look and style for your content.

Budget Planning

We are experienced in the responsible and ethical allocation of our client’s financial resources. We believe that you get what you pay for, and by managing a budget correctly we can always deliver top value to our clients.

Project Management

We pride ourselves on our project management. It ensures that deadlines and budgets are realistically respected. At Cat Around Films, we use best-in-class softwares to track progress and enhance the collaborative experience.


The following are key elements and core principles of project management:

  • Project planning
  • Determining scope
  • Project requirements
  • Project time and schedule
  • Managing costs
  • Resource planning
  • Communications
  • Logistics planning
  • Quality control
  • Ethical practices.

Content strategy

In pre-production, we determine where and how the content will be placed and distributed so that it can reach its intended target.

Our content strategies take into account all of your company’s digital assets, from video to photo, in order to develop a content calendar that suits your goals.

Creative strategy

We are filled with ideas. So are our clients. The first part of creative strategy is putting together attainable objectives. Our creative strategies consist of understanding your target audience and what your customers are looking for. Your brand is a key factor in determining what direction the creative strategy will take, and how the content you produce will communicate to your audience.

All of our creative strategies include the following:

  • Your brand story
  • Your objectives
  • Your target audience
  • What are your customers seeking?
  • Your brand language
  • What is the offering and value proposition?
  • The right distribution channels
  • What deliverables will you need?
  • How can your audience reach you?
  • References and assets

The creative strategy explains how the campaign will meet the objectives of your business.