Once planning and strategy are complete, the stage is set to begin capturing your footage. Our experienced team of directors, cameramen, sound engineers, lighting specialists, art directors, and make-up artists are always eager to get on set and carry out memorable productions for our clients. Cat Around Films maintains an in-house inventory of specialty equipment including cameras, lenses, stabilizers, lighting rigs, drones, audio equipment and much more.

4K, 2K, 1080p Quality

Crisp footage is a necessity in our line of work. We capture our footage in multiple resolutions, from 1080p to 4K. All of our equipment have the ability to film in 4k so we can future-proof your footage.


We own and maintain a broad range of best-in-class camera equipment. Understanding which cameras perform best in certain conditions is key to selecting which cameras to operate for your production. Our cameras can be purposed for in-studio, events, film, television, web, social media, as well as low-light and adverse conditions.


It is important to us that our clients and on-camera subjects look and feel as confident as possible. Having a makeup artist on-set can help keep our clients camera-ready throughout production day.

Green & Blue Screen

When importing your own graphics and background into your production becomes necessary, we have the green and blue screen setups to accomodate this style of production.

In-Studio Production

A studio environment is a great way to control every aspect of your production. Our studios come equipped with infinity walls, green screens, elaborate lighting setups, audio recording booths, and other amenities.


The right lighting profile is a key determining factor in image quality and mood setting. Our team is professionally-trained in lighting types and setups. Even the best cameras require proper lighting to output the best results.

Sound Engineering

Capturing clear and quality audio is often considered more important than the imagery itself.  Our team of sound engineers use best-in-class technology and equipment to capture crisp and clean audio. Along with our standard procedures, we have amassed a great deal of trade secrets to ensure an outstanding audio experience for your audience.


Our directors strive to provide a positive on-set experience for everyone involved. A great experience tends to lead to exceptional end results for our clients.


Having the right cameras is only one part of the filming process. The person operating the camera is the vital component to capturing your footage the best way possible. We custom-build our teams for each project we produce, ensuring the right resources are on set for optimal results.